About me. This is something I have struggled with, not really knowing what to write, but recently as I really thought about my life and where I have come from, this is what I saw. I grew up as a P.K. (preacher’s kid), surrounded by the Word of God and loving, Christian parents. While I professed belief in Jesus at a young age, I grew up not really having the confidence that He would speak to me personally. And though I was surrounded with opportunities to let the Lord speak to me, I spent most of that time being more dependent on my parents hearing from God than taking the risk of trying to hear from Him myself. Later in life, I married a sweet man surrendered to the ministry, but to whom I also looked to hear from God rather than doing so myself. I don’t think I trusted God to speak to me partly because it was hard for me to believe that He was personally interested in me enough to speak to me. I think, in a way, I felt small and insignificant and not as important as others and I just didn’t believe He would speak to me or that He even wanted to. A few years into our marriage and after watching God speak to others for years, He finally began to get through to me and I began to trust Him to speak to me and not just to those around me. I have, thankfully, after much pursuing and wooing from the Lord, been an active participant in my own personal relationship with the Lord for several years now. He is continually leading me to make this relationship with Him my own, not based on someone else’s. And He continually reminds me He loves ME and He wants ME! These blogs are pieces of my story, the story He’s writing on my heart for His kingdom, His glory, and His purpose.

In addition to that, I am the wife of the ‘perfect for me’ man God brought into my life. We have 7 precious living children and one sweet baby girl who went to be with Jesus through a miscarriage. We are homeschooling our children because of a clear and personal conviction God has placed in our lives to be actively engaged in training our children up in the way they should go. As a family, we are working and learning to seek after the Lord, see where He is at work, and then be obedient and willing vessels to be used by Him in that work.

P.S.—If there are a few (or maybe even several) weeks in between my blogs, know that I am still here, thinking about what to blog and working on it. Life gets crazy busy sometimes and finding the time to write and edit is hard to do. But rest assured, I will get another one up eventually.  🙂

One thought on “About

  1. Laurie Lewis says:

    Beautiful post, Julie. I think we each must have a moment where we find our own testimony of Christ, to have it be ours, something strong enough to lift the next generation when they need a safe place to rest. You said it so well.

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