Hope Dweller Stories with Krystal Jobe

My Post-51

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. You’d think during summer time when we’re not doing school stuff, it would be easier to find time to post on here regularly, but alas it is not. Summer plans don’t usually follow our normal routine and that just makes it difficult to get on here, I think. But our summer is now officially over. We have just finished our first week of the 2019-2020 school year and are back in the swing of things again, so I am now finally able to settle back into blog writing! For the foreseeable future, I plan to have two posts from me each month, a guest post, and one week off with no post. There are some things God’s been laying on my heart to do and I need a week off to make the time for those things.

This week’s post is a Hope Dweller Stories post that has been a long time coming. I was supposed to have it up in June, but we ran into computer problems that prevented me from posting anything for a while. Then once that was fixed, we had different family members going on trips, guests coming to visit, etc. and it was just too crazy in the hustle and bustle of it all to post.

Our Hope Dweller guest today is Krystal Jobe, my sweet sister-in-law. She has been an amazing encouragement to me from the first time I met her. Every time we get a chance to talk, I am blessed to hear more pieces of the story God is writing on her heart. Every part of her story, even the difficult portions, points to Jesus. She has a beautiful way and gift with words and she often shares what God’s been showing her in her Facebook posts. Each and every time, I’m blessed by what she shares. Without further ado, please welcome Krystal.


This world is noisy with so many voices pulling at our attention. In an age consumed with likes, shares, selfies, and speed, I feel the tug at my heart to step away, slow my pace, breathe in deeply the beauty of real life, and listen for the voice of my sweet Savior calling, “Slow your thoughts, and spend time in my goodness, discovering the depth of my love for you.”

Distraction is a seemingly small thing from the enemy that can lead us away from taking every thought captive and thinking about whatever is good, beautiful, and holy. I’m finding myself time and again falling into the dangerous path of future dreaming, looking ahead to a time when things are more together, better. 

A perfect, hollowed out, kid free, leisurely window of time to do the latest whatever has been consuming my mind. Thoughts of backyard, wardrobe, and body improvement, birthday gifts, quality toys and books, meals that are both allergy and kid friendly, stunning homeschool rooms and lessons, making time for myself, time for dates, time with each child, house hunting. Always something. Always something better. 

I’m learning that I can be a good steward of what we have without it being better or more. I’m reminded of this as I struggle both to invite people over and keep our house clean with three little ones, learning that the amount of dust in my home matters less than the amount of love. My scheduled mentality and walls are being shattered as I’m finding the joy in friends dropping by who are more interested in listening to what our hearts sound like than the “lived-in look” of our home. True connection and community come alive with face to face, living, flesh and blood souls. 

Our homeschool nook may not be post-worthy but it fits in our small home and more importantly fits our needs. My babies don’t need me to try to keep up with someone else’s style of learning and decor. They need to learn the joy of pumping their legs to soar in the air swinging for the first time, laughing at the adventures we take in the woods with Christopher Robin, and how to tie their shoes. They need to learn that they are safe and loved, what kindness is, and why we honor Jesus with our lives. 

I don’t need better. I need to see God’s hands guiding us through these backyard adventure, nap time snuggle, peanut butter breath kisses, curl up in my lap and read me a story years. 

I am only beginning to grasp the brevity of this life, our numbered days. I long to soak in these precious days before they become yesterdays. These moments spent in love will not be wasted. I am hoping to live a meaningful life, not in pursuit of what this world says is normal, okay, or good, but in pursuit of Him. 

God’s best is so often much different than what our world says is best. If His best looks different than how we imagined, will we be willing to be bold enough to live differently?

I believe He looks at us and says ever so lovingly, “She is mine, a daughter after my own heart.”


How often I need to be reminded of this! To be truly PRESENT in the present. To live thoughtfully and intentionally in the moment and season of life I’m in instead of looking to the future or spending too much time on things that don’t matter. I’m thankful God sees fit to gently remind me of the need to be present and content in the here and now, aware of what He’s currently doing in our lives, aware of how He wants to work in our lives in this moment. Reminded that HE is IN EACH MOMENT in the season I’m walking through. And that precious reminder that He is my pursuit above all else. Thank you, Krystal, for sharing your heart with us! 

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