Not too long ago, I was having a rough day. Things were just not going the way I planned or wanted. I had gotten an email rejecting me for something that I had applied for and I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough. I was struggling with feeling like I was failing our children in educating them. I was tired and I didn’t feel all that great physically either. I was supposed to go to a Bible Study that night, but I just was not feeling it. I emailed my husband and told him that I did not want to “people” that day (“people” being my word for that thing where you have to be around people, converse with them, and act like a somewhat pleasant human being). I decided I was going to go to Bible Study anyway, even though all I really wanted to do was stay home and retreat into a book world and visit with my book friends for a little while (to you nonreaders out there, I know that probably sounds weird, but I’ve no doubt my reader friends will get that feeling). I was rushing around trying to get things ready so I could go to Bible Study. In that rush, I cut my finger pretty badly while trying to cut up an avocado. I sliced right into my finger, it went pretty deep, and it hurt so bad. And that was the final straw. I just felt worn out, weary, and “done.” I felt all this frustration and tension building up in me.

For some reason, I persisted, though, in making it out the door. As I drove to take the kids to my husband so I could go to Bible Study, I really began listening to something that was playing on the radio. It wasn’t a song. It was testimony of third world villages desperately needing and receiving clean water to drink. I know this probably seems a little cliche, but in that moment, I felt all the tension leaving me as I realized that what I was struggling with didn’t matter. These people were in need of water. They had a very basic need that had not been able to be met and they were finally getting it met. I started thinking of how much they need the Living Water, how they need a Savior, how there are so many people all around us who need the Savior. And I realized that the stuff I had been worrying about, feeling like a failure, things not going the way I wanted, none of that really mattered in light of eternity. I was reminded in that moment, that we are put here on this earth to love Jesus and point others to Him. Nothing else matters. Nothing else is going to have an impact on eternity but that. It was as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders as all these things I had been worrying over lost their hold on me.

I thought of an acronym someone had shared with me years ago. DIME: Does It Matter Eternally? At the time I first heard it, I just kind of brushed it off and classified it with so many others I’d heard (WWJD, FROG, etc.) that just seemed overdone, overused. But in that moment, it lost it’s cliche factor and I realized just how true it is. Does it matter eternally? No, so often what we concern ourselves with in this world does not matter eternally. Since then, I’ve been repeatedly reminded that, ultimately, there is only one thing that matters for all eternity and that is pointing people to Jesus. That needs to be my heart and my goal. And all these other things just don’t really matter in the end. Those other things are not my burden to bear. It’s not about material things. It’s not about living life under the expectations of the world and doing what the world expects of me. It’s not valuing what the world says is important. It’s about passionately loving Jesus and sharing the amazing gift He is with people. It’s about showing them how much He loves them. The point of our lives, for those of us who know Jesus, who know the gift He is, who have experienced His love and His forgiveness and His redemption—the point for us is to point others to Jesus.

I’m sure, though, that I will try to take those burdens back on again at times which makes me so thankful for the moments when the Holy Spirit reminds me of what’s really important and He allows me to throw off the unnecessary weight I’ve been bearing and just focus on loving and knowing Him and sharing Him with others, sharing the hope He gives with others, pointing them to Jesus.

Father, help me point others to You in everyday life. Allow me the gift of joining You where You are at work. Help us who know You to glorify You, to be a beacon of hope in a hopeless world. Help us to have Your heart for people.

Share Jesus and what He’s done for you, how He’s made Himself real to you, how He’s revealed some aspect of who He is to you as the Great I Am. And then invite the people around you to experience Jesus for themselves.

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2 thoughts on “DIME

  1. A Lighthouse in a Dark World says:

    I just love this- it comes from the heart and totally made my day. Last Sunday John Beverley came to preach at my local church; his subject? Driven by Eternity. Thank you for the confirmation.
    You have a gift for words and I pray you would use it wisely. Stay blessed, keep writing, and if you ever think of publishing your life story, please consider CrossEffective Publishing – I’d enjoy working with you. K

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