The Promise of Rayne and #Giveaways

Y’all, The Promise of Rayne was absolutely fantastic—so much so that I have had a hard time putting into words just how amazing it is and just how much I enjoyed it. So many thoughts going through my head about all the things I love about this book and it’s so hard to narrow it down to share with you, especially without revealing any spoilers! I want you to know that this book is most definitely worth your time! Check out the synopsis below and what thoughts of mine I have finally been able to gather to share with you.

51a2e2hclhlRayne Shelby has spent her entire life trying to earn the approval of her high-powered family, with the hope of one day managing her late grandfather’s prestigious Idaho lodge. But when she makes a mistake that puts her future in jeopardy, she faces an impossible choice: defy her family or deny her dream. The only way to fix the mess she’s created is to enlist the help of her neighbor, Levi, the apprentice of her family’s greatest enemy. And if Rayne gets caught crossing the divided property lines, the consequences will be irreparable.
Levi Harding has never forgotten the August night he shared with Rayne when they were teens—or the way she later rejected him. Despite his warring instincts, he can’t ignore her plea for help or the spark that’s ignited between them. But now, as wildfires bear down on their town and family secrets are revealed, their newfound alliance might just go up in smoke.

I’ve read all but one of Nicole Deese’s books and loved each of them so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to be an Advance Reader for her latest book The Promise of Rayne. And Ms. Deese did NOT disappoint in delivering a dynamic work of art! While I have immensely enjoyed each of her books that I’ve read, The Promise of Rayne just might be my favorite of hers.

When I read books as an Advance Reader, I tend to read slowly and watch carefully as I read for things that stick out to me, things from the book I might want to share with others. I often highlight those things or do a screen capture of them (I read most ebooks on my phone). Well, with The Promise of Rayne, y’all, I think I might have highlighted/screen captured just about the whole book! There are just so many things I love about this book—so many sweet scenes, emotionally charged moments, thought provoking and wise quotes—that I don’t even know where to begin to pick what to share with you. Had I a physical copy of this book, it would be lovingly dog eared with all its goodness to be had.

In The Promise of Rayne, as is also in life, you’ll discover that things are not always as they seem. There’s more to her family story than Rayne knows, but no one’s talking. Desperate for the approval of her family and to finally feel like she belongs with them, Rayne’s more than a little afraid to pursue any niggling she has that something isn’t right because there will be repercussions if she steps out of line with what the head of the family insists upon. She’s been conditioned to not fight back, to not tip the boat. For a good part of her life, Rayne has been pushed to the shadows by her own family like some unwanted Cinderella. She’s been made to feel less than, weak, naive, and insignificant just like the enemy so often wants us to feel so we won’t be bold enough to rock the boat, to make a change or a difference.

Enter Levi who knows more than he can share and is beginning to care enough about Rayne Shelby that he knows she deserves the truth and to be set free from the hurtful treatment of her family. Levi’s presence in Rayne’s life begins to draw her out as he attempts to show her how sees her and just how wonderful he sees she is. Their meeting again is the catalyst that begins a painful, but necessary and hopeful change in Rayne’s life where there will be battles she’ll have to fight and boundaries she’ll have to cross to get to the truth. Over the course of the book, Rayne slowly (but not too slowly, thank goodness!) grows stronger and bolder, letting what she’s truly passionate about come to the front more often instead of squishing it down to meet some family expectation of her fulfilling a cookie cutter role.

I love authors who write in such a way that you walk the journey with the characters rather than just watch as it happens and Ms. Deese’s writing brings that element to the table. You will feel Rayne’s distress and Levi’s frustration as he longs for her to see herself as he sees her and to know the truth. You’ll be waiting with Levi for that last thread of power that Rayne’s family holds over her to break and for her to step out and stand up; to fight for herself, her dream, her true family vision and legacy, and her relationship with Levi. You’ll feel their hurts and their struggles with them, but you’ll also get to feel the elation of the hopeful moments and the freedom that comes in the end. While there are painful circumstances, betrayal, and deception that must be faced, there’s an equal amount of hope and joy waiting to be embraced on the other side.

In The Promise of Rayne, you will find a well written masterpiece with just the right amount of tension, emotionally charged and bittersweet moments, and swoon worthy scenes. The witty banter between Rayne and Levi, as they first cautiously approach each other and then begin to lower their guards as they get to know and care for each other, is perfection. You will fall in love with them as they are falling in love with each other. You will feel every kind of emotion under the sun as you read this book—it runs the gamut of emotions in a good way. You’ll also find some wonderfully precious moments of true and unconditional love, forgiveness, and patience.

I encourage you to read this book that is so rich with truths as well as the angst and imperfection we face in our lives and the beauty God makes from those ashes. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll find powerful words, a powerful story, and a powerful ending that is really a beginning—a new beginning of a life no longer fraught with lies and deception, but filled with truth and light.

You can purchase this incredible book on Amazon.

Ways you can connect with the talented author of this incredible book, Ms. Nicole Deese:

All of Ms. Deese’s books are available on Amazon, and if you participate in the Kindle Unlimited program, good news for you—all of her books are currently a part of that program!

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Oh, wait! One more thing! For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, read The Promise of Rayne and come back here and comment on this blog post and tell us what you thought of the book! I obviously loved it and I would love the opportunity to discuss it with y’all. Share your favorite quotes, favorite scenes, or what you enjoyed most about the book. Everyone who comments with their thoughts on the book by November 30th will get their name added to the drawing. Please make sure you leave your email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win.

**I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.

8 thoughts on “The Promise of Rayne and #Giveaways

  1. Janelle Leonard says:

    The Promise of Rayne was one of those books that hit me hard. Rayne struggled with a lot of things I do–trying to be worthy/living up to a family name and feeling like a failure. I loved how Levi came in and helped her discover her value. And of course, many swoon moments! LOVE Nicole Deese writing!

    • Julie Jobe says:

      Yes, definitely! Levi’s role for Rayne reminded me so much of how God has used my own husband to encourage me and help me see truth in my life.
      I think I’ve read all but one of Nicole Deese’s books and I loved every one of them! I love how her characters are more like real people with real struggles to overcome than fictional people with no problems.

  2. Christi says:

    I really enjoyed reading the Promise of Rayne. It has such a great balance of tension that I found myself rushing toward the end to find the answer, only to slow myself way down when I did reach the end because I was not ready for the story to be over. I have loved everything that I have read of Nicole Deese’s work and The Promise of Rayne is one of my favorites.

    • Julie Jobe says:

      Nicole Deese is one of my favorite authors! You’re right-the amount of tension was perfect. I NEEDED to keep reading to find out what the real story was and what was going to happen and to see what Rayne would do, but at the end, I was so sad to have to leave the characters. I’m definitely looking forward to any other books she may write involving some of the side characters in this book.

    • Julie Jobe says:

      Yes! Ford was such a wise man. Loved how he was so consistent throughout the book in showing love to his enemies, especially toward the end when you discover all the work he’d been doing to help protect both his place and that of his enemy.

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