Just an Update

You may have noticed that my blogs have been hit and miss over the last few months. Well, really a lot more miss than hit. The reason is actually some good news! We are going to have another baby! Which is very happy news! 🙂 However, as with most of my pregnancies during the first trimester, I have been pretty miserable. 😦 Nausea 24/7, tired, weak, and just overall feeling bleh. Which is why I have been pretty much miss and no hit with the blog recently. I have not felt well and have not been up to blogging much. I am now 16 weeks and past the first trimester, but I am still not feeling great. I am having some better days, but the nausea still hasn’t completely gone away. Hopefully, soon the good days will outnumber the yuck days, and as I feel better, I will be able to get back to blogging more. Of course, we’ve also started back to school (we homeschool) which means I am teaching 5 kids and chasing a toddler while being pregnant, so I have to admit to myself that even though I plan to be more consistent with blogging, I might not be able to get one out each week like I had been trying to do before I started feeling sick. I just wanted to give those of you who read my blog a heads up about what’s going on and why I haven’t posted much. Thank you for reading, and if all goes well, I hope to have a new blog post next week.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers about a few things.

~I’m having better days, but there are still many days where I don’t feel well and getting school done on the days I don’t feel well can be tough sometimes. But I know that we need to keep moving with it if we’re going to get much done before the baby comes in February. Prayers for strength to do school even when I feel awful and prayers for cooperative kids would be appreciated.
~I have also felt a little more emotionally off-kilter this pregnancy which concerns me about after the baby is born and how my emotions and hormones will be then. After I had Juluia (our 5th), I experienced some intense postpartum depression and it’s a concern that it could happen again. Please pray that whatever comes, the Lord will prepare me for it and be with me through it, whether it’s major or nothing at all.
~I am also a little overwhelmed at the idea of homeschooling 5 children while chasing a two year old and taking care of an infant after the baby arrives. We plan to take several weeks off right after the baby arrives, but we will eventually have to start back up to finish up the school year. Prayers in advance for that would be appreciated as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and thank you for your prayers.

2 thoughts on “Just an Update

  1. Susie James says:

    Congratulations on another blessing!! I am in awe of how you are doing all the things you are doing! I will definitely be praying for you and JP!

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