Phoebe and the Rock of Ages

Y’all, I had not planned to write a Book Review on my blog so soon after doing an Author Spotlight. My plan was to wait a while, but THEN I had the wonderful opportunity to read an ARC of Phoebe and the Rock of Ages by Becky Doughty. After reading it, I can’t help but … Continue reading Phoebe and the Rock of Ages


Needed Encouragement

I don't have a long post today. This last week was kind of rough for us in some ways and I just wanted to share a couple of things that God used to encourage me in my struggles this week, things He used to remind me of His power and His might as well as … Continue reading Needed Encouragement

Send Me

Do you ever wonder what you're purpose is or if you even have one? Have you ever felt called to do something, but then doubt crept in about your ability to actually do it so you backed away and chose not to do it? Do you ever wonder if you’re effective at the things you … Continue reading Send Me