Valentine’s Day. A day set aside to celebrate love. I found it fitting that my Bible reading for today was John 19, a chapter in which the greatest love the world has ever known was demonstrated. It tells of Jesus’ death on the cross and some of the time leading up to that moment. It’s … Continue reading Love


What do you think an encounter with the Holy Spirit looks like? Do you expect it to be big and grandiose and somehow blaringly obvious?  Going through the Experiencing God study again with our church this past fall was such a blessing. Yet again, it reshaped some of my thinking about God and my interactions … Continue reading Encounters

Modern Idols

Have you ever let something or someone have more importance in your life that it or they should have? Sometimes we allow something, whether good or bad, to have too much of our attention and it affects the way we think. Sometimes we let that thing or those things take precedence over the Lord and … Continue reading Modern Idols

Deeper Roots

A little over a year ago, I was in a worship service and I felt the Lord telling me that a refining period was coming in my life. I balked a bit. I feared a bit. Because I know that refining can sometimes be a painful experience, that it can feel unpleasant when you’re walking … Continue reading Deeper Roots